simonMy name is Simon and I am the owner of Zuppa

In 2005 I moved to Portland after many years in the Bay Area and the following year Zuppa was born. I was originally inspired to start a soup and catering company after reading about the Soup Peddler, a guy from Austin, Texas who started out delivering soup by bicycle to his friends. While the bike idea never panned out, it had always been my intent to promote sustainable food while running a small business.

Before Zuppa, I spent many years campaigning for a more sane food system. In 1999 I graduated from The University of London with a masters' degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. After moving back to San Francisco from England I worked as the campaign director for a national advocacy group, Organic Consumers Association and following that for a statewide group, Californians for GE (Genetically Engineered) Free Agriculture.

So while I no longer get to stand in front of grocery stores holding a picket sign and wearing a cow costume, I hope that what we are doing at Zuppa does indeed promote a shift to a more local and sustainable way of eating.

Whenever possible we try to support local and organic farms and also give back to the community. We view sustainability as a process and hope to be continually reducing our impact on the planet.

Here are some of the groups that we have supported over the years by having a “10%” day at the Saturday Farmers’ Market.

And here are a few of our valued customers

Bon Appetit!!