soup stories

Five Years on (pt.2)

A couple days later I saw the kitchen space and when I signed a lease two weeks after that there was no turning back.  The days of procrastination were now officially over and I already had my first customer lined up.

Five Years on (pt.1)

A little over Five years ago, I was doing the exact same thing I am doing now. I was sitting in front of a computer and writing up a business plan for a soup company. I had left the non-profit world 18 months earlier and after spending a season on a farm in Vermont and then traveling across South America for three months, I was settled in Portland and working as a prep cook in an Italian restaurant.

A Day In the Week

For the past five years, I have been waking up early on Saturday mornings to sell my soups and curries at the Farmers’ market on the Portland State University Campus.